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Show #75 - Country Queens: Tina Turner, Cassandra Wilson, Tanya Trotter (Country Music Series Pt. 4)

Show #75 - Country Queens: Tina Turner, Cassandra Wilson, Tanya Trotter (Country Music Series Pt. 4)

Thanks to Carnegie Hall for sponsoring a portion of this episode. Carnegie Hall presents Rhiannon Giddens: Songs of Our Native Daughters on November 4, 2022 at 8PM. To purchase tickets visit: https://qpnt.net/giddens. #Ad #Sponsored

Queue Points is proud to present part 4 of our Country music series featuring Mike “Big Mike” Bryant. We had so much more ground that we wanted to cover so Big Mike is back to help us unpack the impact of Black musicians on Country music. There’s so much to cover, and we only scratch the surface.

For this episode DJ Sir Daniel, Jay Ray and Big Mike wrap up their country music series by discussing three albums featuring Black women that expand on the genre of Country - Tina Turner’s debut album “Tina Turns the Country On!,” Cassandra Wilson’s “New Moon Daughter” and The War and Treaty’s “Hearts Town.”

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Listen to “Tina Turns the Country On!” by Tina Turner: https://qpnt.net/Aolz

Listen to “New Moon Daughter” by Cassandra Wilson: https://qpnt.net/Aol_

Listen to “Hearts Town” by The War & Treaty: https://qpnt.net/Aom9

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