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Show #68 - What happened to summer jams? / Black men and mental health (Guest: Reclamation Point Podcast)

Show #68 - What happened to summer jams? / Black men and mental health (Guest: Reclamation Point Podcast)

Well it’s official, the kids are back to school, Labor Day is over, and that means Summer 2022 is behind us. But … what was this summer’s “summer jam?” What was that one song that united the world under a groove? Did we even have one? DJ Sir Daniel and Jay Ray  chat about what happened.

Moetown Lee and Dr. Ed Garnes from the Reclamation Point podcast joined us for an interview earlier in the week to discuss Black men and mental health. We play a portion of that interview on this show, as well.

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Moetown Lee Bio

A west coast native, Maurice ‘Moetown’ Lee proudly represents the state of California as his hometown. Inspired by the struggle of his underserved, once gang-saturated neighborhood, Lee began DJ’ing as the escape from the street life. Quickly earning himself a name in the evolving music game. 

It was later, during his time with Interscope Records as Southeast Regional Manager, the major label acquired platinum record success from artists including Eminem, Lady Gaga, and billion-dollar success of the ‘Beats by Dre’ collaboration. Moetown was very instrumental in the career development of Grammy winning artist Janet Jackson, 50 Cent, P. Diddy, and Kendrick Lamar among many. Lee is still affiliated with Universal Music Group (a parent company of Interscope) as a music consultant.

Moetown co-produces one of the largest African American owned festivals ONE MUSICFEST, developing partnerships with key sponsors including Miller-Coors, Ford and more. As a key curator for one of the largest music festivals in the U.S., this full day Atlanta event attracts crowds of 50,000+, hosting acts such as Lauryn Hill, Usher and Kendrick Lamar on its highly sought stages.

A quote Lee often references – “If you dare to struggle you dare to win. Let me say Peace to you, if you’re willing to fight for it.”

Dr. Ed Garnes Bio

Dr. Ed Garnes is one of the most dynamic therapists, educators and life consultants in America. A doctoral internship trainee of Cal Berkeley, he holds a PHD (University of Tennessee), M.A. in Counseling (Michigan State University), M.A. in Psychology (University of Tennessee) and B.A. in English Writing with minors in Black Studies; Mass Comm (DePauw University). Dr. Garnes has worked extensively with diverse individuals and groups. He curates interventions keenly aware of the impact race, ethnicity, gender identity, religion, socioeconomic background, and disability status have on values, interests, and skills that directly impact academic, career, and psychosocial development. Intergenerational supporters champion his ability to channel his grandmother's southern wisdom, observational humor, and sobering life lessons as an activist into practical strategies for personal development.

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