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Show #55 - The Queer MC in the Tiktok Era (Guest: Medino Green) #Pride2022

Show #55 - The Queer MC in the Tiktok Era (Guest: Medino Green) #Pride2022

Is it inspiration, or is it imitation that’s created your newest favorite song? The growth of TikTok began in 2017, and became the latest juggernaut used by the music industry to determine what is a hit, or even create them. Artists are having to choose between being original or being viral, and it’s impacting how they create and how we listen. We’re going to talk about Black music in the Tiktok era. Joining us for this show is Queens-bred MC, Medino Green, as we continue to celebrate #Pride2022. Green’s new single “CLAP” is out now!

Medino Green Bio:

Medino Green, the hip-hop artist from Queens, NY, hit the scene back in 2009. Small in stature but big in his lyrical ability, he is one of a kind, standing at a mere 5’6”. A true product of the 90’s, with his flashy braggadocio, in your face style, Green is inspired by artists such as The Notorious B.I.G., LL Cool J, Fabolous, Lil’ Kim, and NAS. He’s remained true to the classic sounds of the era that has inspired him.

With his latest mixtape, "inMyBag," Green reminds us why he is unique. The mixtape includes 10 freestyle tracks over familiar beats, including tracks like “Medino Say’s” to “GRN Bomb,” his New York cadence reminds us of where he’s from no matter where he’s at. In addition to the Mixtape, Green also put together a few videos inspired by Rap City’s Big Tigger in the Basement, also another classic moment for hip-hop culture while supporting his fellow queer artist peers by hanging their photos on the wall beside him.

These days Green is gearing up for his debut album Mackadocious dropping later this year. The first single out the gate is “CLAP” which is available to stream on all music platforms.

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