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Show #23 - Spooky Classics

Show #23 - Spooky Classics

It's Halloween time, and Queue Points is bringing you a spooky discussion about our favorite scary tunes from Black artists. What are some of yours? Amy Winehouse's "Back To Black" just turned 15. On this show we honor the incredible work of super producer Salaam Remi. 

How would you rank these soundtracks - Waiting To Exhale, Purple Rain, Boomerang and Love Jones? Rank them by sending us some video fanmail at https://qpnt.net/fanmail and tell us what you think. See how fans ranked them for this show at https://qpnt.net/soundtrackpoll

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Queue Points is the Black Podcasting Award and Ambie Award nominated music podcast that is dropping the needle on Black Music history and celebrating Black music through meaningful dialogue. The show is hosted by DJ Sir Daniel and Jay Ray.