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Show #22 - Ladies First
Show #22 - Ladies First

Sir Daniel and Jay Ray are giddy and unafraid to talk about it. They dive into the iconic Big Daddy Kane and KRS One Verzuz. Did hip-hop really win the night?

Roxanne Shante really had a moment at Verzuz. Also, ABC recently aired The Real Queens of Hip-Hop special. What did they think? Tune in and find out. 

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Boogie Down Productions "The Bridge is Over:" https://qpnt.net/rRgAuj 

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"Not to Pile On, But DaBaby’s Recent Comments About HIV Were Not Just Anti-Black, They Were Anti Hip-Hop:" https://qpnt.net/wVGfJc 

DJ Sir Daniel's Earworm of the Week "Big Mama" Roxanne Shante: https://qpnt.net/uHvD9x  

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Queue Points is the Ambie Award-nominated music podcast that is dropping the needle on Black Music history and celebrating Black music through meaningful dialogue. The show is hosted by DJ Sir Daniel and Jay Ray.