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Show #109 - From Micky D's to Pepsi: Black Musicians, Marketing and the Food Industry

Show #109 - From Micky D's to Pepsi: Black Musicians, Marketing and the Food Industry

Black bodies have always been used to sell products. Fast food has embedded ourselves into our memories - the smells, the childhood nostalgia, the music. On this episode, our hosts DJ Sir Daniel and Jay Ray delve into the strategic ways in which the food industry has used marketing and music to insert itself into our lives.

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Content Mentioned in This Episode:

A Brief History of Racist Soft Drinks: https://qpnt.net/F4a4

Targeted Food Marketing to Black and Hispanic Consumers: The Tobacco Playbook: https://qpnt.net/F4a5

A $300 billion opportunity: Serving the emerging Black American consumer: https://qpnt.net/F4a7

Aspartame Is a Possible Cause of Cancer in Humans, a W.H.O. Agency Says: https://qpnt.net/F4a9

Podcast Shoutout: They Reminisce Over You

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