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Bonus Episode - Creative Commons Gems From Public Enemy And Nikki Giovanni (Radio BSOTS)

Bonus Episode - Creative Commons Gems From Public Enemy And Nikki Giovanni (Radio BSOTS)

Presenting an episode with some great music from Jason Randall Smith of Radio BSOTS

Jason Randall Smith aka Macedonia is one of the great audio selectors and musical scholars in podcasting. We are delighted and honored to welcome his podcast Radio BSOTS (Both Sides of the Surface) to Queue Points to share with all of you. Enjoy this sonic journey through some of creative commons best gems.

Episode Description

This episode represented a much-needed return to the BSOTS podcast feed after several months of silence, refreshed and ready to get back to the business of championing independent artists and sounds from around the way to around the world. The seven songs featured are all released under Creative Commons licenses, which allow podcasters like myself to freely share these works with their audiences without fear of copyright infringement or intellectual property concerns, leading to cease-and-desist letters being received in my inbox. 

The world of Creative Commons music is a vast ocean of independent and largely unknown artists, but I'm always up for the deep sea dive to see what sonic gems that I can find. For uninitiated ears, it always helps when I come across some well known names during my search. To that end, I have included a poem from legendary poet Nikki Giovanni as well as a song from hip-hop icons Public Enemy. Both cuts serve as evidence that the time spent digging in the Creative Commons crates pays off. The rest of the playlist includes soul, jazz, and experimental electronic music from Wals, Kidkanevil, Niki J. Crawford, Isak Gaines, and Yoko Absorbing. Two cuts in this playlist even include guest appearances from Brother Ali and Oddisee. 

It's my hope that episodes like these can help demystify the world of Creative Commons music, even if it's only one song at a time. To learn more about Radio BSOTS and/or connect with me on social media, visit the BSOTS Linktree. https://linktr.ee/radiobsots

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